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This page is created for helping users of Sony C1 on motherboard PCG-C1Vxx (C1VN, C1VJ, C1VE, C1VP, C1VFK ...) with chipset ATI Rage Mobility M1.


There are too many information about it, so you can go here to obtain a commercial information about Vaio C1VFK.

You can show all faces of this computer here.



How to upgrade memory or hard drive, go here.

For best performances use the 2"5 Hitachi drive 7K60 7200T 8Mo !

(NEW !!!) How to change powers cells in PCGA-BP51 battery, go ici.


1024*480 games with no stretching:

Dooms Day HQ : a port of Doom supporting Doom 1, Doom 2, Tnt, Plutatonia, Heretic et Hexen, must setting and supporting OpenGL and direct 3D (originals .wad is required) (screenshot)

Motoracer 2 : a beautiful moto game  2 in 1 (race and cross) with a level editor (patch 1.36 is required under windows XP) (screenshot)

V-Rally 2 EE : one of the best rally game with lot of cars and tracks.

Quake GL : a port of Quake (originals .pak is required) (screenshot)

Lemmings 95 : a port of many Lemmings for Windows (screenshot)

Simcity 2000 SE : a port of Simcity 2000 for Windows (screenshot)

A lot of others games works in 1024*480, but with a stretching image, or with 640x480; ex: Quake II and  other 3D motors of this game.



Winfellow+kaillera : for Amiga 500 and more, that support chipset OCS and ECS with networking support, WinUAE is too slow (screenshot)

Boycott Advance : for the Game Boy Advance (It is the faster emulator !) (screenshot)

Mame32 Plus! : for old arcades games, some games work in full screen, the Joypad can be setting (screenshot)



Sach aquarium : a virtual aquarium with realistic 3D fish (work fine in 1024*480).



Zoom Player : a player for DVD (filters no included) and Divx (codecs no included) very setting with a zoom option for video resize on TV or LCD screen. (screenshot)

PowerDVD : a player for DVD, VCD and SVCD, can support hardware acceleration of chipsets ATI. Use it's filters with Zoom Player for very good working of hardware acceleration.



Driver XP/2000  ATI Rage M1 5795 (see link * section) : modified by me, can support 1024*480, D3D, OpenGL, VGA and TV outputs, rotations and support of "Motion Compensation" for DVD and DIVX playback. Power management and set keys work fine with it ! (require a manual installation). Only the Scale mode is unsupported (Make lowers resolutions to full screen), if you are any info about it, contact me please.
Ffdshow codec: with this you can play all divx version ! with half CPU frequency of 300 Mhz !! work only if you not use "Post-processing level" and video driver 57xx.
QuickRes NT : a tool for change screen resolution, it's funny on TV Output, like 640*480 mode for exemple. Place it in the start group.
Fn + B : activate the bass boost for headers output
Fn + 5 : beep ?

Useful links:

PCG-C1 Forum

Sony Vaio drivers

ATI Rage Pro Mobility Tips * for set a video driver

Tom's hardware





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